About Us

We are a bunch of runners who are interested in getting the masses to run injury-free wearing minimalist shoes for all their activities! And learn barefoot-style running in the process.


You can purchase (including some pre-orders) your running shoes, apparel, and accessories from some of our partners directly, all in a single location. All products are shipped directly from the manufacturers – we are acting as the go-between service for our readers. We hope to offer fair or better pricing than other online big box stores – for the latest releases. And various special offers and discounts to boot! More partners will be added in the future. Currently, you can purchase products from these companies directly.

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If you order multiple products from different companies, they will be shipped separately from each manufacturer directly to you. But you only pay once through our go-between service here. All returns and exchanges are handled by the individual companies. We handle all the ordering and billing – purchase, applicable taxes, and shipping/handling.

Here’s to sustainable injury-free running!

You can contact us here.